Thelotron Technologies - Beatmodel T1 Plugin-Pack v1.0 VST


Thelotron Technologies - Beatmodel T1 Plugin-Pack v1.0 VST - PC

The BeatModel T1 Plug-in Pack is ideal for people who want plugins that really modifies
the signal, with intuitive user interfaces and are inspiring to work with. Especially for
people involved in electronic music, sound design and synth style processin

Contents of the BeatModel T1 Plug-in Pack - 14 DirectX plug-ins

Amplee - Amplifier Simulator.
ResoBeat - Resonant Filtering.
RingBeat - Ring Modulator.
Stereo Delay - Stereo Delay.
OptiVerb - Studio Reverb.
Comp 860xd - Studio Compressor and Limiter.
OptiEQ - 7-Band Parametric Equalizer.
VStereo - 2D Stereo Virtualizer and Widener.
Chorus - Four Voice Stereo Chorus.
Flanger - Stereo Flanger.
Phaser - Twelve Stage Phaser.
AutoPan - Auto Panner.
NoiseGate - Noise Gate.
Comp-S - Fast Compressor.


BeatModel Amplee [Amplifier Simulator]

From mellow blues to heavy metal. The Amplee can really make a difference. The versatility
of the structure makes it possible to design your own amps. It is not limited to guitar
processing, it can be used on almost anything from vocals to whole mixes.


BeatModel ResoBeat [Resonant Filtering]

The ResoBeat works like an analog resonant synth filter with distortion and a delay.The frequency and resonance can
be controlled by the envelope, an LFO and a joystick, simultaneously, which adds to the number of possible uses. It
can be used in many different ways, for example to simulate autowah, lowpass sweeps or techno style synth filtering.


BeatModel RingBeat [Ring Modulator]

A radical ring modulator. The modulation can be controlled by envelope, LFO and joystick. The possibility to mixing
the carrier with the ring modulation makes it possible to create a lot of ethereal strange atmospheric sounds.


BeatModel Stereo Delay [Stereo Delay]

The delay time of each channel can be adjusted, and scaled by measures. In each channel
there are also controls forinitial delay offset, regeneration and crossfeed. The two parametric
equalizer modules in the feedback loop and the possibility to filter the dry signal, gives you
tonal control of the direct and delayed sound. The feedback can be saturated.


BeatModel OptiVerb [Studio Reverb]

A tool for room modelling. A reverb width early reflections and dense late reflections. A two band parametric
equalizer and a filter direct button can be used to adjust the reverb, or to create more synthetic sounds.


BeatModel Comp 860xd [Studio Compressor and Limiter]

Analog style compressor with a limiter. Driven softly it operates smoothly in the
background. Driven hard it really adds character to the material. The limiter
on the output makes it possible to keep the signal really high without clipping.


BeatModel OptiEQ [7-Band Parametric Equalizer]

A 7-band parametric equalizer. In each band you can choose between 6 different filter types with adjustable
gain, frequency and Q. The OptiEQ has a big spectrum window that accurately shows the frequency response.


BeatModel VStereo 2D [Stereo Virtualizer and Widener]

Stereo widener with both virtual stereo and stereo widening, and you can invert the phase of each channel.


BeatModel Flanger [Stereo Flanger]

A clean sounding stereo flanger with feedback and stereo phase control.
It can be modulated by sinus, triangle, exponential and random LFO.


BeatModel Chorus [Stereo Chorus]

This chorus uses up to four stereo voices with adjustable stereo phase and group phase to achieve
variation in the chorus sounds. It can be modulated by sinus, triangle, exponential and random LFO.


BeatModel AutoPan [Auto Panner]

The AutoPan pans the sound between the speakers at a specified rate. It can be modulated by sinus,
triangle, square and exponential LFO. The phase control makes it possible to use for tremolo
and can with a square signal really chop up the sound, in sync with the tapped in tempo.


BeatModel Phaser [Stereo Phaser]

A phaser width up to twelve stages. feedback, crossfeed and variable number of stages. A Phaser is
commonly used to add vibrato to for example organs or guitars, or as a slow sweeping stereo effect.


BeatModel NoiseGate [Noise Gate]

A noise gate with controls for open and close threshold, minimum sound level, attack, release, hold an gain.
It can be used on vocal or guitar tracks to remove unwanted noise between notes, or to modify drum loops.


BeatModel Comp-S [Fast Compressor]

This plug-in is a good sounding simple compressor that uses very little processing power,
which makes it possible to use on several tracks at the same time without loading the
processor to much. It has controls for threshold, ratio, attack, release and gain.

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