Terry West Productions Relife VST v1.3 - PC


Terry West Productions Relife VST v1.3 - TEAM peace-out - PC

Bring back life to a heavy clipped audiofile.

- Due to the loudness war most songs released today are clipped to the extreme.
- ReLife can bring back the "valley's and peaks" to give more air to a song.
- A very important stage when your song are send for broadcasting.
- This prevents the radiostation hardware to limit it even more, but without sacrafice your initial rms level!

- Note: don't expect miracles, when there's distortion, it will remain also afterwards.

Revolutionary way to recover transients and warmth.

• Bypass button.
• Postgain.
• Pre Cleaning stage.
• In, recover and out meters.
• Stereo & mono versions.
• Realtime processing or offline.

Latest updates 1.3:

Postgain tweaked, recover added, 70% less code, PreCleaner added

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HF Pic

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