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All Hotfile Links Are Dead!?

Dear Fellows,

My hotfile accounts are being closed. All files hosted with them are gone, so if you are looking for alternatives please use other file host's link such as Fileserve, Filesonic.

This month Hotfile.com has start closing all the accounts all over the world that have “copyrighted material”.
For those of you who don't know, this is probably because of the recent MPAA action taken against hotfile.
The MPAA wants to sue Hotfile and possibly take it down for infringing upon copyright and not paying any of its massive profits to the industry for the content it is sharing.
So its likely the Hotfile owner (yea one guy owns it, Afaik) will start removing all the accounts to reduce how much he eventually has to pay out to the MPAA and whoever.
At this point, you might not be able to find anymore Hotfile links for a long period of time.

Due to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), www.tgf-services.com are facing difficulties and its not yet clear when they will be back again.

Please do not buy Premium Account for TGF-Services.com yet!

When ever they are back, i will let you know.



Fileserve.com, Filesonic.com and Hotfile.com are file-hosting websites or can be called "Hosts".
If download links for a content is being hosted by more then one host it means these all download links are Mirror Links.

  • What are Mirror Links?

All download links are pointing towards the same content but in different locations.

  • What is the benefit of Mirror Links?

1. Mirror Links are like different options for your downloading.
2. Mirror Links will provide you a complete download quickly.

  • How they can provide a complete download quickly?

Let’s just say you like a movie and you want to download it but you don't have a premium account for any host, so obviously you are going to download this movie as a "free user".
But all hosts have some basic restrictions for a "free user".

Such as;

  • Can not download more then one file at a time.
  • After a file's downloading is complete, you have to wait for a period of time to start next download.
At this point you can take advantage of "Mirror Links"!
How? It is very simple!

Download different files from different hosts at the same time.

For example;

  • Part01 from Fileserve.com
  • Part02 from Filesonic.com
  • Part03 from Hotfile.com

By doing this you don't have to wait anymore and you will have your movie quickly!