Computer Music - Vascillator (Betabugs) v1.0 VST - PC


Computer Music - Vascillator (Betabugs) v1.0 VST - PC
Betabugs Audio Vascillator is a semi-modular effects unit that combines delay, filtering,
envelope following and various other modules to create a flexible processing
environment capable of transforming even the most pedestrian of sounds.
• Delay line in two modes:
1. Free running up to 4 seconds, with tapper for setting live tempos.
2. Sync to host from 1demisemihemidemisemiquavertriplet (1/128 triplet) up to a breve (2/1 Note).
• Resonant 24dB/Oct filter, operable in LoPass, BandPass or HiPass mode.
• Envelope Follower for modulating the filter cutoff, with adjustable sensitivity and slope controls.
Choice of 4 modes, depending on how the filter should be modulated in relation to a defined frequency.
• A Stereo Width control and PingPong facility.
• Each module can be deployed once in almost any order in a semi-fixed signal path allowing for smooth
pads, choppy stutters, piercing combs or stupidly long repeats [try a synced breve in a 60bpm track...].
READ THE : " Vascillator Manual 06-7-29 "

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