Paragon System Backup 9.5 build 9993
Paragon Drive Backup Will create backup, save and restore the system and important data. Experienced users, system administrators and IT professionals will be able to complete its use of advanced technology and user friendly wizard for backup and recovery of servers, PCs and laptops. Use absolutely reliable protection for your system.
Protect your entire PC back up your system and data
Out of box automated backup helps you initiate protection of your system and data on a regular basis just after the product installation.
In contrast to many other solutions which only back up your data files, System Backup saves your entire PC to a secure place, providing you with the maximum level of protection.
You will be able to easily recover your OS and data files anytime, even in the case of an operating system crash.

Save your PC to a secure place
With the Create New Storage wizard, System Backup will analyze your disk system and determine the most appropriate place to store your backup images.
The wizard will also suggest creating a Backup Capsule by taking some free space from the system partition; this hidden, protected area will be used to store an on disk snapshot of your system.

Enjoy smart backup keep working on the computer
System Backup saves your PC on the fly, i.e. without interrupting your current activity, so you don’t need to close any of your applications, or restart the computer during the process just continue working as usual while your system is being secured.
Paragon’s Smart backup engine effectively distributes resources among other applications when backing up in the automatic mode, so you can keep working on your computer and without any noticeable lag in system performance.

Set and forget backup strategy
An automated data protection system is a convenience many people seek. Paragon’s System Backup can do this for you. You simply set it up, confirm a suggested timetable to update the backups on a regular basis (every week by default) or set your own, and then let it go to work protecting your system and data on an automatic and reoccurring basis. Whenever a problem occurs, the software will inform you about the level of danger through color indicators displayed in the system tray and will prompt you for the best way to fix it.

About Advanced Backup Strategy
Are you looking for more specific control when it comes to your backups? Our new System Backup 2010 gives you just that with advanced features for configuring backup strategy. This technology lets you set all the necessary parameters according to your PC configuration and your backup requirements:
Set back up time
Set parameters for snapshot storage
Set the number of differential snapshots created between two full snapshots
Specify which volumes to secure
Specify exclude masks to prevent backup of unimportant data

Easily restore your complete PC to a previous state
You can use System Restore to undo harmful changes to your computer and restore its settings and performance. It can return your computer to an earlier time. On the System Backup 2010 console, you can choose to either make automatic or manual snapshots.
For easy identification, each snapshot has a label (created date by default) and a sign indicating whether it is standard snapshot (contains all on disk information) or lightweight snapshot (a standard snapshot with no media files). By clicking on the required snapshot, a popup menu will provide available commands for you to select from. Choose Restore to restore the whole snapshot in minutes.

Fast restore on a granular level
Restoring a full system can be a long process and there may be no other options if this is the only recovery solution available after a hard disk failure. However, for less than catastrophic issues, we can help you save time when you only need to recover specific data files. With System Backup, you can extract files and folders from a backup image without needing to restore the whole image.

Easy recovery after system failure
System Backup 2010 offers a bootable recovery environment for your on disk snapshot storage (just press F6 at the system startup to activate it). It can help you if your computer fails to boot because of a virus attack or corruption of critical system files.
If your hard disk malfunctions, you can use the Recovery CD to restore your system (note: A Recovery CD is previously made by burning it to a CD/DVD using the program wizard).
Using the Simple Recovery Wizard, you can get your system back on track in a few clicks. (Note: recovery from this method won t be possible if the hard disk containing the Snapshot Storage crashes).



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