Paragon Home Expert 2010
HDM 2010 Integrated solution for protection, maintenance and management of the computer! HDM 2010 combines all the tools for managing hard disks, including: the possibility of segmenting the disk backup and recovery, migration, optimize and defragment your hard drive, secure mash of data, control startup and recovery system. All functions of this integrated solution managed through an easy to use interface.
Paragon Home Expert 2010 Boot CD Linux / DOS x86 (32 bit)
Emergency disk based on a Linux / DOS a multi bootable media, allowing utilities to run on Linux or PTS DOS, thereby providing access to the hard drive to solve the problems of maintenance or repair. Both platforms have their strengths, for example, Linux version supports devices, FireWire (ie IEEE1394) and USB. This feature allows you to burn CDs CD / DVD. However, there may be some difficulties in defining the new devices. DOS, in turn, has no such problems, but it is limited by functionally. In general, the functionality of the emergency CD Linux / DOS close to the Windows version, with the exception of constraints imposed by the very nature of the finished product to use so here it is impossible to schedule tasks, no support for database files, you can not assign drive letters back up files, etc. At the same time, the component does not require installation and can be very helpful to the user when there are problems with booting the system. In addition, the disc offers the user a working environment in the style of Windows XP.

The composition of the disk:
Paragon Home Expert
Restore files.
The master copy of the data in one click.
Master data mashing.
Master of redistribution of seats.
Master data movement.
Restore boot Windows.
Setting up a network connection.
Master save logs
Command Prompt.

Emergency disk based on WinPE.
Especially for the adherents of Windows product also provides emergency disk based on WinPE 2.1. In contrast to the rescue disk based on the Linux / DOS, this medium can be proud of supporting a large variety of equipment and the same interface as the version that works under Windows. However, this disc imposes more stringent requirements for the system.



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