WWAYM Dynamix VST v1.5 incl. KeyGen - PC


WWAYM Dynamix VST v1.5 - TEAM BEAT - PC

Dynamix can be used as a supreme compressor or a mastering limiter, you can distort your
sound and if you use more instances of Dynamix at the same time, you can use it as an EQ
or as a multiband compressor. You can enlarge the stereo space with the stereo button.

There are 3 main sections:

Volume Managing

• Input: change the volume of the incoming signal.
• Output: change the outgoing volume of the plugin.
• Dry/Wet: mixes the processed output with the dry output.


The filter section contains five knobs and a button. With these knobs you can select the
harmonics that have to be processed, and you can mix the unprocessed harmonics
to the processed ones. There's also a stereo effect, which helps you create stereo
sound, without panning it, so you can convert mono signals to stereo ones.

The filter is a 12 db/oct 2 pole filter that can be set to Lowpass,
Lowpass-Bandpass, Bandpass, Bandpass-Hipass and Hipass modes.


This part can work as a compressor, an expander, a maximizer
or even as a distortion effect.All this can be achieved using
only four controls Attack, Release, Maximum Size and To.


1) Run Install_Dynamix_V1_5.exe to install
2) Use KeyGen.exe to generate a key

Price (MSRP) €109


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