Working Miracles (2010)DVDrip.RMVB

Working Miracles (2010) DVDRip-RMVB

Genre: Family
User Rating: 7.3/10 (32 votes)
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When a humble man receives a gift he never asked for, he is faced with a life-or-death decision of what to do with it. Eddie Cibrian and Lisa Sheridan – who costarred in the television sci-fi drama “Invasion” – star with “Dallas” and “Step By Step” favorite Patrick Duffy in “Healing Hands.”
Buddy Hoyt (Cibrian) lives a simple life from the garage apartment of his adoptive parents, Aunt Beth (Meagan Fay, “Mad Money”) and Uncle Norman (Duffy). Buddy works thanklessly as a school janitor and is busy planning the next move for himself and his fianc退e, Alice (Sheridan), when suddenly, one wrong step sends him into a coma. When he finally comes to, his life changes in a way he can hardly believe. Buddy realizes he has the ability to heal others just by touching them, although he must drain his own energy to revitalize theirs.Almost overnight, the humble janitor becomes the talk of the town, and he finally feels appreciated as more people come to him for help. However, Buddy’s gift begins to take its toll, on both his health and his relationship with Alice, and he realizes that helping others can’t mean overlooking his own well-being. With the life he has waited for now on the line, Buddy must decide to what extent he is able to put others’ futures ahead of his own.

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