Toilet 105 (2009) Vcdrip Indo Nosub RMVB


Toilets at SMU Bina Persada seems fine: bright, clean, fragrant and a favorite place for all occupants. Everyone, including residents 'smooth' the bandits enjoyed school, especially a handsome-handsome like Okta (Ricky Harun), Ical (Lionil Tikoalu) and Rio (Rizky Son)
Up comes the new kid named Marsya (Coralie), moving from Bandung cute girl who seemed to make the devil a toilet to be 'hot'. The whole school more often commotion with the appearance of horrible pieces of the body. Starting from the security guard (Aming), a favorite teacher (Indra Birowo) until the teacher killer (Suti Karno), all demon terrorized scrambled toilet
Marsya realized he 'carry' something that angered the devil toilet. A grudge request is completed. He must free himself from prosecution before the devil toilet to collect your entire school life!
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