Sugar Bytes Vogue VST v1.2.0 WORKiNG


Sugar Bytes Vogue VST v1.2.0 WORKiNG - ASSiGN

Vogue The ultimate virtual Channel Strip

Producers know: microphone recordings all too often lack the presence and power of digital sounds.
The flute, the guitar, the voice you wanted to sit on top of your track threatens to eventually drown in the surrounding sounds.
Now there’s two things you can do: rob a bank and buy analog gear the size of your house – or get Sugar Bytes’ VOGUE.

VOGUE was designed to support your live recordings in the mix. Its juicy Overdrive, a 3-Band Dynamic Equalizer and
an integrated multi-effect section will create that slightly overdriven analog sound you want.

Blow up thinnest recordings to orchestra-size - add warmth, depth and strength to what sound cold, flat and weak - make your VOGUE heard!


-Preamp (Gain, Highpass, Overdrive)
-3-Band Dynamic Equalizer

Changes in Vogue v1.2

* Compatibility improved for FLStudio, EnergyXT and FXPansion RTAS Wrapper.
* Fixed several OSX related problems.
* Problems with unavailable presets.
* Improved performance.

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