Softube Valley People Dyna-mite VST RTAS v1.0.3


Softube Valley People Dyna-mite VST RTAS v1.0.3-AiR

Squash drums, get a snappy bassline, enhance track dynamics, duck, gate,
key or de-ess - the Valley People Dyna-mite is a swiss army knife
limiter/expander design with unique character that inspires to new sounds!

The Valley People Dyna-mite was designed in the 80's and has become a
secret weapon for some. For others, it's still a hidden treasure just
waiting to be discovered. It features a limit mode, an expander mode, a
gate mode, a de-esser mode and on top of that, two sidechain modes that let
you duck or follow a track. All the options breathe of the Dyna-mite's very
special vibe and flavor.

Faithful replica of the Valley People Dyna-mite, a multi-dynamics tool
capable of limiting/ compressing, expanding, gating, keying, ducking, de
-essing, etc.

Feature Summary:

- Limiting: Peak and average limiting, incl. negative ratio (-20:1) limiting and detector HF filtering (for De-Essing purposes).
- Expanding: Hard or soft with extreme gate settings and detector HF filtering.
- Ducking or Keying modes with external side chain (where available).
- Threshold knob with auto make-up gain.
- Release ranging from 0.05 to 5 sec/20 dB with Anticipatory Release Computation (ARC) to reduce pumping.
- Output volume with accurately modeled output distortion and clip LED.
- Innovative Range knob that controls maximum amount of expansion or limiting.
- Built-in interactive guide that displays current settings and active mode.


Threshold with Automatic Make-Up Gain: Classic threshold control. Determines the signal level above which limiting,
or below which expanding action begins.

Release with Anticipatory Release Computation (ARC): The program dependent Release control changes its behavior
depending on the material in order to prevent pumping. Valley People called it "Anticipatory Release Computation",
or just ARC for short. Whatever name it has, it's definitely a big part of the famous Dyna-mite sound.

Range: The Range control limits the maximum gain reduction. You can use it in expanding mode to set the lower limit
of the gate (for example, never gate more than 20 dB), or in limiting mode to allow the strongest transients to slip

Output Stage: As always, a faithfully modeled output stage. The clipping of the output stage is also a big part of the
Dyna-mite sound, and crucial when you need to control your signal levels. The slower detector mode (AVG) takes
care of the overall limiting, while the output clipping handles the transients.

Detector Source: Both internal and external side chain is supported. The middle mode (DS-FM) inserts a high frequency
boost to the detector which makes it perfect for de-essing or limiting troublesome cymbals. In expanding mode, it helps
to trigger the gate for high frequency signals (which is useful if you want to do hard gating on a drum bus, but don't
want the gate to close on the hi-hats).

Mode Switch: Switch between expanding (EXP), limiting (LIM) and bypass (OUT) modes. Output gain and saturation is
active in bypass mode.

Detector Type: Three different detector types give the Dyna-mite three distinctive sounds. Choose between an
aggressive Gate mode, a fast all-round Peak mode or the slower AVG mode.

Interactive Guide: In addition to the original controls, we added an interactive display which shows the current modes
and settings.

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