Sexy City (2010)DVDrip.RMVB

The Sexy City (2010) DVDrip-RMVB

Genre: Drama
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Poppy,beautiful girl came to Jakarta to pursue her desire.until finally she realized that after knowing how hard life in Jakarta, until she applied to work in a bar owned by Reno.Very Lucky!! Poppy meets Stella, she was given a place to live and teach how to take care of herself, working in the world tonight.One day,poppy meet nanda,old friend.Nanda is a girl who has become a drug addict because her boyfriend invitation.Stella was asked to dance striptease at a private party event.
it was all a hoax,Stella deliberately shaped by her mother, Prita and several colleagues to be sold abroad,because her mother had incurred debts.except stella can get money to pay her mother debts.
This situation makes stella, poppy and nanda into panic and confusion.
how the continuation of this story?


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