Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Sync v2.0.3 VST RTAS


Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Sync v2.0.3 VST RTAS - DYNAMiCS

AdrenaLinn Sync is a software plug-in from Roger Linn Design that provides the same unique beat-synced
filter modulation and sequencing effects of our AdrenaLinn III guitar pedal, plus quite a bit more.

Though intended for guitar, it adds fascinating rhythmic tonal effects to any instrument or processed audio.

First released in October of 2009, we listened to your feedback and are now releasing AdrenaLinn Sync Version 2,
a dramatic improvement over the original. And it's free to all purchasers of the original version. AdrenaLinn
Sync Version 2 is written in conjunction with Way Out Ware, makers of TimeWArp2600 and
KikAxxe, critically-acclaimed emulations of vintage Arp analog synthesizers.

Version 2 is completely rewritten and takes advantage of Way Out Ware's flawless analog-modeled filters and
audio processing technology, resulting in a very wide variety of truly exciting, unique and inspiring sounds.

AdrenaLinn Sync transforms your input signal--guitar, keyboard, turntable, loops,
etc.into dramatic rhythmic patterns of filtered, resonated, chopped, pulsed,
spiked, sequenced, looped, delayed and otherwise manipulated tones.

Examples include:

* Classic guitar effects like tremolo, phasing, flanging and
auto-pan, but moving in perfect sync to your music.

* Looped, 2 bar sequences of filtered tones

* Looped, 2 bar sequences of tuned resonances, emphasizing specific notes or overtones in your
playing, in straight or swing timing. Think John Mayer's guitar sound on "Bigger Than My Body".

* Random filtering, phasing or flanging, changing to a different tone every 1/8 note,
1/16 note or whatever note value you choose, in straight or swing timing

* Chopped sequences: looped patterns of on/off switches--or volume changes applied to your instrument
signal, resulting in the real-time equivalent of sliced beats or loops of your instrument sound.

* Tremolo sequences: Looped sequences of volume pulses at programmed levels.
Think Green Day's opening guitar riff on "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

* And most importantly, mashed-up combinations of the above.
* 128 user-editable presets, including 100 that truly show off the sonic capabilities and 28 blanks.

The end result is that AdrenaLinn Sync is positively inspiring, transforming even simple held
chords or arpeggios into beautiful, fascinating animated sounds that will pull new and creative
compositional ideas out of your head and make your recordings jump out and turn heads.


1. Unpack
2. Install
3. Copy crack (in win7 64bit -> /SysWOW64)


Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Sync v2 $99

We're pumped to get our hands on this revised rhythmic multieffect

It was around 1980 when Roger Linn became a 'name' in music technology with his
LM-1 sample-based drum machine, the sounds of which featured on countless hits.

Fast forward to 2002 and Roger founded his current venture, Roger Linn Design, this time focusing on guitar floor effects units with
the AdrenaLinn series, which combine sequenced digital multieffects with a drum machine and amp modeller. Plug-in AdrenaLinn
Sync v2 is based on the company's most recent pedal, AdrenaLinn III. It's currently Mac-only, but a Windows VST is imminent.

The internal drum machine, amp modelling, stereo reverb and guitar tuner of the hardware version are all absent.
Presumably the idea is that these are all better catered for by other plug-ins, and we'd have to concur.

The plug-in one-ups the pedal in a number of ways, however, featuring dual modulation paths and stereo tempo-synced
delay up to 32 seconds long. The top half of the GUI comprises the Filter, Distort, Limiter, Volume/Pan and Delay
ections, which run in series, in that order (with an option to place the distortion before the filter module).

Worthy of special mention are the very smooth analogue-modelled filters courtesy of Way Out Ware, who handled the coding
and DSP aspects of the plug-in. The filters come in low-, band- and high-pass varieties, as well as flanger and phaser modes.

The frequency parameter is set in semitones, so you can tune the filters to musical values. With
the Snap To Scale option activated, the notes will always be in the selected scale, too. Noise
can also be added to the filter input, which can create some neat percussive sounds.

It's a setup

We found AdrenaLinn Sync's presets to be so good that you need never delve into creating your own patches.
They're well labelled, too, with some of the note-like resonant filter patches including the musical key in the name.

What's more, there are some cool replications of the AdrenaLinn settings used by famous artists, including John Mayer and Green Day.

100 new presets have been added since v1, all of which have been designed to take advantage of
the new analogue-style filters found in v2. There are also 28 slots for saving your own patches.

Our only minor gripe is that every time you choose a preset, adjust a parameter and then decide to try another
patch, a nag screen comes up reminding you that you haven't saved the current settings. This holds you
up when you want to quickly try things out and see what the parameters are doing to the sound.

That syncing feeling

The tempo-synced LFO and 32-step Sequencer can modulate the filter frequency, volume and panning. The highlight has
to be the Sequencer, which has beat divisions in 1/8 or 1/16 in straight, triplet, half-swung and swung variations. On a
per-step basis, you can set not just the level but also the mode of a two-stage (attack/decay) envelope generator,
which can be used to cause transitions between certain steps (or turned off for normal stepped operation).

AdrenaLinn Sync can generate everything from burbling tremolo, through auto-wah or envelope filtering, to complex resonant filter
sequences. Used for real-time guitar processing, the excellent modulation capabilities make you rethink how to play your instrument.

Less is more with this plug-in, as it provides most of the rhythmic variation and can generate note changes through
resonant filter sequencing. The simplest ideas can give rise to interesting phrases or chord sequences.

We strongly recommend that axe-wielding computer musicians consider AdrenaLinn Sync v2, as it has
a highly adaptable and inspirational sound. And if synths or sampled instruments are closer to your
heart, it can just as easily transform a tepid tinkle on the ivories into a rhythmical slice of genius.

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