Ratu Kostmopolitan (2010)DVDrip.RMVB

Ratu KostMopolitan (2010) DVDrip-RMVB

Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 85 min
IMDB Link: http://imdb.com/title/tt1657422/

The story is about three female students of different backgrounds and live in a boarding house owned by Mrs Lakshmi (Yatti Surachman). All three work together so that a boarding place is not evicted by the land mafia.Gina ( luna Maya ) worked as a journalist, Dance ( Tyas mirasih ) was an aerobics teacher and Zizi ( Imey Liem ) worked as a tattoo artist. The three of them are friendly.And lectures in Jakarta.Fortunately Mrs Lakshmi (Yatti Surachman) although actually looked cruel, widows without children special boarding house owners where they lived was a student, not arbitrarily charge a boarding money.One day, a group of thugs sent by the mafia land arrived to terrorize housing where they live. The thugs chaired by Rido (Reza Pahlavi) intimidate residents to sell their land to low-cost immediately. Even to burn a few residential areas in order to immediately emptied.
With the help of their idol Youth chairman, Seno (Fathir Mochtar), three beautiful and sexy students plan a unique strategy for dealing with these thugs.The war has begun, so there was a unique and humorous style of war-style boarding queen.


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