Plektron Guitar Amp STANDALONE VST v1.11 PROPER


Plektron Guitar Amp STANDALONE VST v1.11 PROPER

Guitar Amp is an amplifier simulator and multi-fx for guitar and bass, but not only.

It is not inspired by physical or real instruments, but it is made to give a unique and original
vibe to your creations. It features 7 different amplifiers from clean to distorted sound,
multi-cabinets, mic simulation, full MIDI controls and more than 20 real-time effects.


• 7 Original Amplifiers with matched cabinet.
• 32 Effects modules.
• Over 100 presets and easy managing.
• Full MIDI learn functions.
• Simple to use with popup and display info.
• High quality stereo processing.
• Drag and drop modular effects rack.
• Internal automated controls.
• Synthesizer module, audio-to-MIDI controlled.
• Wave player, tuner and many other tools.


1.Uninstall previous versions.
2.Unrar and install.
3.Input serial if required : 7E5F5-HDI74-4DBC5-SXCR1-LLS7A

FSonic Pic

HF Pic

FS Pic

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