Pengantin Topeng (2010) Dvdrip Rmvb


Genre: Horror | Thriller
Runtime: 80 min
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RANDY and Alexa, they will be getting married soon. Welcoming the happy day, they invited her best friend to go on holiday. And they went away on holiday to the south coast region of WestJava.Arriving at the beach, Kinar, Rosa and Billy immediately spend time until tonight. When they get ready to go home to the hotel suddenly their car broke down. The distance to the hotel quite far and there is no public transportation. Finally, there is no option for them except stay on the beach.Perfect holiday eventually turned into something bad. The south coast with the natural beauty of the day, turned out to save the terrible mystery. Bloody terror target when they entered an old villa that has been unused and found a body in it!They are all stuck in a tense situation when each one of them becomes the target of mysterious masked killer and bring a large grass shears!.


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