Little Endian SpectrumWorx VST v2.0.2


Little Endian SpectrumWorx VST v2.0.2 - ASSiGN

SpectrumWorx is different from normal effects processors because of its ability to manipulate

the frequency domain and its modularity. A robust audio engine transforms audio input into the

frequency domain. The frequencies are then sent through a bank of "modules", each module being

a sophisticated audio processor in and of itself, with its own unique selection of adjustable parameters.

With over fifty modules to choose from there are countless possibilities for sound manipulation.

This combination of versatility and usability makes SpectrumWorx a highly useful tool for anything

from cinematic sound design and exploratory experimentation to original compositions and game music.


• Over fifty modules (pitch shifter, classic vocoder, wah-wah, robotizer, wobbler, autotune, reverser, etc.).

• Sophisticated engine optimized for low CPU usage.

• Flexible Preset browser.

• Over 100 presets.

• Highly configurable LFOs.

• External audio support.

• Presets in XML format.

• Detailed User's Guide

Delaydots is now Little Endian

The science behind

SpectrumWorx uses advanced spectral analysis algorithms that make it possible to twist and reshape the input signals into something entirely new. From subtle pitch-shifting to bizarre and unearthly tones, SpectrumWorx can get you there.
Audio engine

SpectrumWorx works exclusively in the frequency domain. Setting new standards for professional audio effects, SpectrumWorx is powered by a robust, high-quality audio engine which transforms input audio signal into the frequency domain and back. The engine sets the foundation for SpectrumWorx’s quality, performance, and stability.
Engine features

* Frame size from 128 samples to 8192 samples, enables diferent time and fequency resolutions.
* Overlap factor from no overlap to factor 7 overlap (85%), enables smooth signal transitions from one frame to the other, and no signal loss at boundaries.
* Window choice, enables subtle control of spectral leakage.

Phase Vocoder Domain

Instead of only classical frequency domain representation, where the signal is decomposed into magnitudes and phases, SpectrumWorx is also capable of transforming signal into the so-called Phase-Vocoder domain, where signal is represented with magnitudes and “true” frequencies. The new domain opens up a whole new frontier for effect creation.

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