LAWO Plug-In Collection VST 1.0.2



Get the mc2 sound for your workstation!

Sounds good: Enjoy that quality audio from the mc2 series on your


Whether it's Formula 1, the soccer world championship or the Eurovision

Song Contest: when excellence is the goal, the mc2 series is the clear

answer. No wonder, as the three mc2 series mixing consoles have set new

milestones around the world - again and again. With outstanding sound

processing. With the greatest ease of operation, and with many innovative


But best of all: now you can also benefit from the mc2 series advantages on

your audio or video edit system. Because with the Lawo Plug-in Collection,

you will experience the mc2 mixing consoles' signal processing and

algorithms right there on your computer. Perfect technology for perfect

results - that's what the Lawo Plug-in Collection now brings you.

Better than any advertisement: Convincing Facts about the Plug-in


It's good when you can convince someone with definite facts. For example, a

64-bit floating point calculating depth and 135 ...150 dB signal-to-noise

ratio. With technical innovations such as Hyperpanning. Or the completely

noiseless adjustment of all parameters. These concrete facts exactly

distinguish Lawo's Plug-in Collection. Excellent specification, intelligent

user guidance and — last but not least — an extremely attractive price.

Included Plugins:

AGC (Automatic Gain Control) - ideal for 'levelling' signals with a wide

dynamic range. This plug-in combines an expander and compressor with

maximum and minimum gain controls and sidechain filter section.

Compressor - Lawo's mc2 Compressor section: a great sounding compressor

featuring hard or soft behaviour.

CompressorSCF - as above but with two bands of parametric EQ available in

the compressor sidechain.

Limiter - Lawo's mc2 Limiter section: an excellent peak limiter with 'look

ahead delay'.

Expander - Lawo's mc2 Expander section: faithfully reproduced from the mc2


Gate - Lawo's mc2 Gate section: a noise gate featuring hysteresis control.

GateSCF - as above but with two bands of parametric EQ available in the

expander sidechain.

Parametric-Equaliser - Lawo's mc2 EQ section: a 4- band parametric

equaliser featuring bell, constant Q, notch, shelf and pass band filter


Graphic-Equaliser - a fully adjustable 31-band graphic equaliser with

additional filters for high-pass, low-pass and notch filter operation.

Delay - up to 1.8 seconds of delay with dry/wet and feedback controls.

Delay time can be entered in ms, samples, meters, bpm or frames; a TAP

button exists for easy tempo entry.

Image-Control X - Lawo's mc2 Image section: a great tool for controlling

stereo width and image. Also includes phase reverse, MS encoding/decoding

and mono compatibility functions to deal with problem stereo sources.

Hyper-Surround Panning - a unique tool for controlling source positioning

within a surround field. Hyper- Panning can take any mono, stereo or

surround input, and control its position within the surround field.

Changes in v1.0.2


Lawo Graphic EQ:

Incompatibility with Cakewalk Sonar 8 resolved, also a malfunction

when changing a program (preset) with closed gui (editor) window.

Several small bug fixes

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