A great-sounding EQ plug-in for PC and Mac that hardly consumes resources, but all can what a high-end EQ can be.
The HOFA IQ-EQ will revolutionize the way you work and ban most other EQ plug-ins on the bench.
Never was mixing more intuitive, easier and faster.
The HOFA IQ-EQ is firstly a great sounding EQ with:
* Hi-and low-cut with selectable 6/12/24 dB slope
* Four identical bands from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
* Selectable shelving and Peak filter types for analog models
* 64-bit internal processing
* Support for 32 and 64-bit DAWs

On the other allows the ingeniously simple and simply brilliant "Dynasty" function,
all adjusted frequencies to monitor on demand.
The higher the number you choose here, the more the gain of the set
Frequency range is reduced as soon as it is loud and unpleasant.
With the IQ-EQ HOFA you succeed, for example:
* Balanced vocals without compromise
* Massive synths and guitars without mushy end resonances
* Shaking bass, not the rumble
* Drastic corrections to pack up only when his needs
* Subtle interventions in the mastering

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