DelayDots Spectral Plugins Pack VST v1.3 - TALiO - PC


DelayDots Spectral Plugins Pack VST v1.3 - TALiO
DelayDots - Spectral Morpher v1.5 VST - PC
DelayDots - EHTRACTOR v1.5 VST - PC
DelayDots - SHAPER v1.5 VST - PC
DelayDots - Spectral Morpher v1.5 VST
Spectral Morpher works in the frequency domain and gives you the possibility
to completely alter the source stream according to another, loaded sample
or side channel stream with different transformation modes. There are 11
processing modes available: Convolution (cross synth), Magnitude only
convolution, spectral Vocoder effect, Blend and 7 mutation modes.


DelayDots - EHTRACTOR v1.5 VST
Spectral eXtractor is an adaptive, self-tuning bandpass filter following the
center frequency with controllable asymmetric band curve and shape.
The plugin determines time variable center frequency with different
processing modes: manual, centroid and dominant and allows user
change concentration of spectral energy around that center frequency.


DelayDots - SHAPER v1.5 VST
Spectral Shaper is an FFT based 4096 bands equalizer-like effect,
which affects only magnitudes (i.e. no phase change). The
purpose of this plugin is the ability to capture a preset
from another wave file and apply it to your sample.
That is, to apply a 4096 bands equalizer setting from a
captured sample to yours. You are able to draw / modify
presets with pencil, smoothing or sharpening tools.
• Released 09-16-2002
• No longer available.
• Delaydots is now Little Endian
1. Unrar and install.
2. Enjoy !

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