Cakewalk Vintage Channel VC-64 VST v1.0 - ArCADE - WinXP


Cakewalk Vintage Channel VC-64 VST v1.0 - ArCADE - Windows XP
Taking full advantage of SONAR internal 64-bit double precision processing, VC-64 Vintage Channel
offers the classic sound of sought -after analog channel strips and dynamics processors.
Start with presets designed by professionals and hear the instant lift,punch, and clarity
VC-64 adds to vocals, drums, synths, and more. Digdeeper with powerful sound-shaping
features including double precision EQfiltering, dualcompression stages, de-esser,
gate, and user-customizablesignal flow including internal side chaining.
Vintage Channel Features
• Numerous presets designed by audio engineering professionals
take the guesswork out of dialing in the perfect sound
• Advanced Component Level Modeling (ACLM) by Kjaerhus Audio
• Double precision internal processing and transparent
communication with SONAR mix engine
• Multi-stage processing with up to ten selectable interconnection/routings
• Serial and parallel compression and EQ stages
• Two VCA/Opto mode compressors
• Two 4-band parametric EQ's with five high-quality filter types
to ensure accurate alteration of any part of the audio spectrum
• Noise Gate with soft knee
• Wideband de-esser
• Zero latency use it live while recording
• Full automation
1. unzip, unrar
2. copy Vintage_Channel_VC64.dll into your VstPlugins Dir

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