Alangkah Lucunya Negri Ini (2010)Eng Sub.DVDrip.RMVB

Alangkah lucunya [Negri Ini] (2010) Eng Sub DVDRip-RMVB

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Since graduating S1, almost 2 years Muluk not get a job. he never gave up, despite his efforts always fail.Meeting with pickpocket named Comet has opened job opportunities for Muluk.Meeting with pickpocket , Comet has opened job opportunities for Muluk. Comets bring Muluk to headquarters, and later introduced to his boss called Jarot. Muluk surprised that gathered at the headquarters of the children who worked as a pickpocket.Muluk saw the opportunity he offered to Jarot. he was convinced to Jarot that he can manage their finances, and demanded compensation of 10% of the lift, including the cost of their education.Muluk successfully manage their finances, but in his heart is driven by the intention to direct the pickpockets to change their profession.
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