16 Wishes (2010)HdTVRMVB

16 Wishes (2010) HDTV-RMVB

Genre: Family See more
User Rating: 5.9/10 (148 votes)
IMDB Link: http://imdb.com/title/tt1646876/

Eager to grow up, Abby Jensen (Debby Ryan) has been planning for her Sweet 16th birthday partyever since she was a little girl, with a list of secret wishes she wants to come true. When the big day finally arrives, she excitedly adds her 16th and final wish to the secret wish list she’s been keeping. Then begins the first of many unusual occurrences, each including visits from a peculiar woman, Celeste, whose first appearance is as an exterminator to get a colony of one thousand wasps out of her house.Her birthday gets a whole lot brighter when Abby realizes that the candles correspond to her 16 wishes and that they’re each coming true. She lands the attention of her crush, she gets back at her lifelong nemesis, Krista Cook (Karissa Tynes), and she is suddenly fashionable, athletic and popular. It goes horribly wrong after she makes her 9th wish, which is for everyone to stop treating her like a kid. This backfires, with her becoming an adult instead. In addition, she misses out on her Sweet 16, has no friends, and is forced to move away from her parent’s house and stop attending high school. Abby must race against the clock and make everything normal again before midnight, after which she’s stuck with her new life for good.
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