WinXP Vista Win7 SSW Code Auditor v13.37
Automate your Code Reviews with SSW Code Auditor. As a project or company grows, managing code standards throughout your team becomes virtually impossible. But consistent code is crucial to future development and maintenance. Built in C#, SSW Code Auditor lets you take control of your code and automatically review your web apps and projects giving you more opportunity to spend time where it really matters.
SSW Code Auditor allows to you:
Verify that coding standards are maintained
Prevent bad coding practices
Seamlessly integrates with VS.NET

More Technical Features include the ability to:
Check any text file
Check file names
Scan project directories for code that violates your rules
Perform deep traversal of directories
Scan websites for HTML that violates your rules including the information served by the web server!
Validate HTML code by using the Tidy HTML engine
Use the report that is written to an .mdb, or to export to XML
Organize separate projects into jobs
Allow exceptions to rules, thus ignoring files that you are aware of
Full scheduling abilities with email alerts, providing regular automated checks on your code base.
Use Regular Expression to define more rules
Regular Expression builder included

Upcoming Features:
TFS Check in policy for VS2008/TFS2008
Auto update rules from our webservice
Share your rules with others
Release 17 Upgrade to LINQ

System Requirements:
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or later
VS 2005 (if using VS 2005 Add in)
VS 2008 SP1 or later (if using VS 2008 Add in)
TFS (if using TFS Check in policy)



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