WinQuota Corporate v4.5.13
WinQuota Corporate is a fully automatic and real-time disk and folders quota management software for Windows. It was designed especially for administration in large and huge companies, hosting platforms. WinQuota Corporate provides quota management for folders and files separately for any kind of users and groups. It provides support of Active Directory complex structures, including forests and sites, and support of any kind of network users and groups. WinQuota Corporate guards disk space for any processes and users and provides the way to keep the storage and helps you manage huge storages.WinQuota hard limits cannot be exceeded, but in the case of attempting to use more space than quota set, administrator intervention is not required to unlock/solve quota overflow. Among other useful features WinQuota Corporate provides detailed reports, command-line interface, and COM API to manage WinQuota from all points you might need.

- real time hard and soft limits
- limit the maximal size of each file or directory separately
- set up different limit values for different users
- set up different limit values for different groups
- use any existing user or group credentials from domains
- ability to use triggers (trigger runs on specified size overflow)
- COM API to WinQuota - so it is possible to use WinQuota from ASP and other Web-based applications, from your custom scripts and programs.
exclude lists
- statistic and recommendations
- support Windows 2000 - Windows 2008
- SNMP monitoring and SNMP traps
- Web based administration
- Windows Clustering support
- Itanium and AMD64
- huge domains and Active Directory forests
- support Windows 2003 Appliance Edition



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