WinGuard Pro Premium Full 2010 7.4
Give yourself peace of mind by securing your computer with WinGuard Pro 2010. WinGuard Pro 2010 is a Freeware program that can secure your Windows computer using several locking methods. It adds password protection to your Windows Programs, Encrypts your Files and Folders and provides Extra Locking for tasks such as; Internet sessions, Registry Access, Task Manager, and many more. WinGuard Pro allows you to lock down the files and block people from installing new software on your personal computer.

WinGuard Pro is fully configurable with password time delays, screen blanking and so on. It has over 50 common build in programs and you can even add your own programs, windows and files to the list. Best of all, WinGuard Pro is really easy to use, because you have so much already built in for you, you need not do much in your first stages. As your security needs grow, you can then start adding more items to its list to make your PC fool proof.

Key Features:
Lock Any Program with a Password
Encrypt Files, Folders & Drives from Windows Explorer
Disable Software Installation
Password Protect Windows Explorer
Password Internet Explorer, FireFox and Downloads
Restrict Registry and Task Manager
Works Alongside any Antivirus, Spyware & Firewall software

Compatible with Windows 95/98/Me, NT4/2000/XP, Vista & Windows 7.

What s new in version 7:
* Improved encryption routine
* Fixed a problem with some encryption passwords that contained unsupported characters
* Added 2 new features: No View on Drive and Enable Write Protection on USB Flash drives (See Advanced>System Protection)
* Status bar now shown when encrypting files
* New look interface
* Remove programs from the Ignored Tasks List
* Improved secure uninstaller
* Updated Help File
* Improved protection of Main exe file from deletion, move, etc.
* New re encrypt files automatically option

Change Log:

* Password Protect Windows at Startup
* Hide the Windows Start Menu
* Password Protect Registry Tools
* Copy the configuration to other computers over a network with AutoUpate
* Automatic Update Program
* Encryption now handles sensitive files such as jpg with extra care
* Improved program look
* Some bugs fixed
* Parental time control feature to a set time limit on computers use



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