Windows Sofware SmithMicro Anime Studio PRO v7.0.20100604 Multilingual MESMERiZE
The all in one animation tool for professionals and digital artists! Anime Studio Pro 7 is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to tedious frame by frame detailing when creating quality animations. With an intuitive interface loaded with pre rigged characters and additional content, Anime Studio Pro delivers advanced animation tools and effects to speed up your workflow. Anime Studio combines cutting edge features with powerful technology to deliver the most unique animation program for digital artists. Resize your images with no loss in quality using Anime Studio s vector based layer system. Also, using the bone rigging system you can add a skeleton to any image by simple point and click, then bring it to life!
Add special effects to your animations
Output video and animation of unlimited length to various formats
Create animations using several techniques that save you time and make the process easier
Create a skeleton with unique bone based animation technology
Support layers
Animate the Individual Points on an Object
Support for layered Adobe Photoshop documents
Built in sequencer
Scripting with LUA 5.1
Built in visual content library
Full support for importing and exporting HD video files

New in version 7.0
Anime Studio Improves Workflow with New, Comprehensive Tools.
Anime Studio Pro is the ideal application for professional artists and animators looking for an alternative to tedious frame by frame editing. Bolstered with powerful features like bone rigging, lip syncing and audio recording, 3D shape design, physics, motion tracking and more, Anime Studio is the indispensable tool in your production pipeline.

Create High Quality Animations
Make your own characters, objects and scenes using powerful vector based drawing tools combined with ability to import your scanned drawings and images.

Physics Simulation
Intuitively integrate simulated physics into your projects and create stunning animations where you set the density, gravity, friction and springiness of objects and see how they collide.

Unlimited Output Formats
Output to formats including NTSC/PAL D1/DV Standard and Widescreen; HDV and HDTV 780p and 1080p; AVI, MOV, Flash and more.

3D Shape Design
Make your own 3D objects from vector layers and bring them into your 2D animation projects. Choose from Extrusion, Lathe and Inflate, then select from multiple shading options for your 3D model, including Smooth, Toon and Hatched.

Key Features :
NEW! Set the density, gravity, friction, and springness of objects and see how they collide with Simulated Physics
NEW! Make 3D objects from 2D vector layers
NEW! Quickly organize and access your content with the new library resource
NEW! Animate curves with precision tools
NEW! Record your own sound clips from within Anime Studio
NEW! Use StuffIt Connect to upload video and project files to the web and make collaboration easier than ever
NEW! Import Poser Scenes and combine 2D and 3D animation
NEW! Gather up and organize all your project files in one location
Implement realistic shading based on line and object contrast within each layer
Make your characters talk with automatic lip syncing features
Easily combine video, audio and animation
Attach objects to video with Motion Tracking
Import Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator files
Pen tablet support simulates drawing on paper
Add effects like motion blur and shadows
Output in HD or for the web; easily export your projects at ideal resolutions for iPad , iPhone , and Droid
Customize functionality with LUA scripts
Upload directly to YouTube and Facebook




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