Windows software Magix Audio Cleaning Lab DeLuxe 16.1
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 deluxe makes you perfectly equipped to edit any kind of audio: Quickly and easily digitize old records and tapes, remove all kinds of noise with ease - without prior skill and all with a single click. Restore songs however you want to: Fully automatic, step-by-step, or completely individually. Choose the extensive complete solution and get the best sound for your audio material.

* New program interface: Clear design for speedier work
* Overview track: Practical overview and exact navigation through files and projects
* Rumble noise: Effectively remove noise caused by turntable needles
* Info box with many new tips, tricks, and explanations of effects and functions

Make perfect audio recordings without any prior knowledge!
Records everything your sound card picks up with a single click. In just a few steps, you can digitize your favorite music from records, cassettes, or other audio sources and save them on your hard drive. Complicated recording settings and annoying background noise are finally a thing of the past.

IMPROVED! Simply record and digitize
Cut, edit, add effects, etc. - everything is so easy that no time is required to learn. Even high-end audio editing is possible!
Even more specialised tasks can be carried out with ease by this advanced program: Edit the track information for individual MP3s and complete it automatically. The volume of background music can be reduced for spoken recordings - ideal for podcasts and video comments.

NEW! Keep track of all your projects thanks to the practical overview track.

NEW! Restore songs & remove noise
Experience a completely new kind of sound - at a single click if you want:
Distortions, crackling vinyl, audio disturbances, noise, popping, and humming can be filtered out of every recording. You can also remedy volume fluctuations, recover lost overtones, correct the tempo, and optimize the frequency settings. Fine tuning is also possible with the equalizer.

NEW! With the rumble filter effect you can easily and effectively remove audio disturbances caused by turntable needles, footsteps, or wind noise. The removal of wind noise, in particular, can be very useful for editing video sound.

NEW! Tips & tricks for editing audio
Discover audio editing at the highest level - and with the easiest handling. The info box is ideal to help you edit your recordings. It explains all effects and their functionality in a straightforward way so you will be able to obtain optimum results without long learning periods. All of the audio tools work just the way you want them to: fully automatic, step-by-step, or completely individually. The program will never leave you without help, no matter what you have planned for your audio material.

Automatic cleaning assistant
Even after digitizing your records and cassettes, the same background noise might still be present. The automatic cleaning assistant, which you can activate with a single click, takes care of this. It precisely analyses your audio material and automatically calculates effects settings that will optimally remove noise from your audio material.

Optimise your sound with professional audio effects
Experience professional sound and effects!
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 deluxe includes a DeClicker, DeCrackler, DeNoiser, and many other effects, making you perfectly equipped to optimize and digitize any media from LPs and video sound to cassettes. Thanks to the integrated ProAudio technology, all effects are 100% reliable, producing a perfect, neutral stereo image: flawless, powerful, and crystal clear.

Optimise all of your MP3s at once
Do you have a digital music collection on your PC? Experience your songs in a new quality! Edit your songs in one go with the practical batch processing feature. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 deluxe finally makes poor sound resulting from MP3 compression a thing of the past! Polish up your digital music archive with a single click.

Practical! Ideal for editing video sound
If you own a camcorder, then you re familiar with this problem: Your most beautiful homemade video recordings seem disappointing due to background noise and crackling. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 deluxe optimizes the sound of your video recordings and removes the typical basic noise that nearly every camcorder produces. You can also add effects to the audio tracks and easily record, cut, and enhance audio commentary. Experience your videos again with high-quality sound!

*See system requirements for supported video formats

Burn music to CD, convert, and export it
To enjoy your complete music collection consisting of LPs, cassettes, and other audio media digitally on a CD player, simply burn your recordings onto CD with a single click. If you like it compact, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 deluxe offers you an especially practical solution: Up to 100 hours of music can be burned to a single DVD in MP3 format!

Tip! With the help of the export function, you can experience your music collection on the go - on your cell phone or MP3 player!

NEW! State-of-the-art technology and other advantages
We have improved many features of MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 deluxe: We developed the rumble filter and optimized the record mode. The result is noise suppression and level adjustment features that work even better and produce better quality results!

Further advantages for audio editing:
* Vinyl support: Suitable for 33, 45 and 78 RPM LPs
* Step-by-step mode: Explains as it leads you through the program
* Task assistant with videos and new functions
* Top-quality tools for optimizing audio material
* MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio: Create and print out CD covers (includes countless templates) - The Multimedia Community
The direct connection to the Multimedia Knowledge Community makes it possible for you to easily download the right solutions for your individual needs. Ask your questions straight from the program and in no time at all the answers will be available online at! So you want to know which format is loss-free? At, you ll get clear, understandable help quickly and directly from other users, either in the form of answers or complete workshops. That s not all! If you want to learn more about new features that may be available for your audio software, or even if you want to make suggestions about new features yourself, then just visit our discussion groups.

Compatible with Windows 7
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 deluxe has been tested for operational conformity and functional security in Windows 7. The advantage: If you switch to the new Windows operating system, you will be able to continue to use this product as usual.

For Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7



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