WinApp Windows WinSet 4.0.9
Speed up PC. Optimize System. Customize Windows. Increase System Securitty. Windows Winset is a comprehensive suite of utilities to that powers up Windows 7/ Vista/ XP do more and do it better. windows Winset is an all in one system utility to optimize, clean up, maintain and speed up your PC. Make your computer always perform like new. It also gathers detailed and accurate software and hardware information for you to know your PC. windows Winset set of more than 50+ tools are designed for PC s peak performance. windows Winset has more then 40+ windows utilities to daily use. So that you can customize your Copy of windows 7/ Vista/ XP to be Your Personal Copy. Single Click Care Include: 1. Disk Cache Auto Optimization. 2. Desktop Auto Optimization. 3. FileSystem Auto Optimization. 4. Security Auto Optimization. 5.Network Auto Optimization. 6. Boot Speed Auto Optimization. 7. Desktop Auto Setting. 8. Backup/Restore Auto Optimization setting.
Product Functions:
Single Click Care
Hardware Information
Disk Optimization
Desktop Optimization
File System Optimization
Security Optimization
Network Optimization
Boot Speed Optimization
Right Click menu setting
Desktop Setting
Start Menu Items setting
Folder Icon Setting
Drives Setting
Files Attrib Setting
System Folder Setting I
System Folder Setting II
System Security Setting
Internet Explorer Property Setting
Internet Explorer Toolbar Setting
Internet Explorer Right Click Menu Setting
Internet Explorer Options
Control Panel Setting
Junk File Cleaner
Windows Trace Cleaner
IE History Cleaner
Vista cleaner
Registry Defragger
General Utilities
Security Utilities
Various Utilities
System Utilities
System Folder
Encrypt/Decrypt personal document file
Process Manager
Network IP Scan
Network Computer Port Scan
Mathematical Expression Calculate

Changes in Version 4.0.9:
Add a new function: Set Winodws7 Logon Screen Picture.
Function Menu: Setting Desktop.



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