ViewFD 2.51 Portable
ViewFD compact file manager, depending on a fully comparable with Total Commander, but it is free. ViewFD has a built in viewer for files, understands the common text formats, among which are RTF. There is also image viewer, which is capable of editing.

ViewFD allows:
1. Play video and audio (DirectShow, MCI), working with lists (M3U, PLS).
2. Quick view files in the inactive panel and full screen slide show for image files.
3. Customize image. Changing the size of images and create HTML albums.
4. Viewing and editing tables in a database formats TXT, DBF, DB, SQL (BDE, ADO).
5. Monitoring the use of connections, running processes, selection of windows, selecting titles, keystrokes, screen content.
6. Calculator formulas with the possibility of charting.
7. Autoruns Management, InCD.
8. Cleanup files, directories, drives provides data confidentiality and preventing the accumulation of debris.
9. Backup. Edit tags and renaming MP3 and WMA files.
10. Browse registry with advanced search capabilities.
11. Office archiver WinRAR and 7 Zip.
12. Encoding files, without header and checksum, which greatly complicates the unauthorized detection and decoding.
13. Browse titles with copy fragments, and creating images.



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