Tuner4PC Professional 2.1

Tuner4PC allows configuring and establishing internet connection via satellite. Once you have specified all the necessary parameters in the application, Tuner4PC will automatically configure a VPN, OpenVPN, Slonax, Globax, or Sprint link to your provider, depending on your choice.


* Automatic configuration of satellite Internet connection software (registering necessary parameters in accelerators and creating VPN connection).
* Establishing a GPRS connection before launching a satellite link.
* Configuring satellite map for receiving the signal from specified satellite provider.
* Launching/stopping Slonax, Sprint, and Globax accelerators.
* Launching/stopping OpenVPN.
* Launching/stopping VPN.
* Launching/stopping applications you have specified (for example, you could have your Opera, Mozilla or IE browsers run automatically once the satellite link is activated).
* Displaying download speed, amount of data transmitted/received through the satellite link.
* Detailed data transfer statistics for specified time span.
* For certain satellite providers, the software offers additional services: viewing account balance, adjusting connection speed, restarting accelerator.

Our software users:

Our software is popular among satellite Internet users who value their time and love the comfort. Let s count what one needs to have done once and then repeat on a daily basis in order to enjoy the satellite Internet.

* Obviously, at least once one would need to configure a satellite Internet connection. One would have to get through quite a number of nuances with accelerators, OpenVPN, and VPN to ensure the proper configuration and best performance of your satellite link. Wouldn t you agree, that s going to take a lot of your time? And still there s no guarantee that you will have everything done right.
* Every day you would have to:
1. Launch a GPRS connection.
2. Configure the tuner to receive the signal from your satellite provider.
3. Launch accelerator/OpenVPN/VPN.
4. Launch at least a Web browser.

Just think of it: how much time would you waste on repeating these actions every day? Now imagine that you no longer have to do all that every day; instead, Tuner4PC would take care of all that for you. You would only need to click on a single button to start your subscription. And if you have only one subscription, you can have it start automatically when Tuner4PC starts. That would save your valuable time and let you spend more time working online rather than waste it on completely useless things. Anyway, you are the one who makes the choice.



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