Super Utilities Pro 9.9.12
Super Utilities offers 28 tools for fixing, speeding up, maintaining, and protecting your PC. Super Utilities Make your computer run faster, safer, with greater privacy and security. With only a few minutes of tweaking, Super Utilities will optimize the performance of your computer, corrects problems and helps you to customize your system to suit your needs. Super Utilities (for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista) is a collection of tools to fix, speed up, and maintain your PC! These utilities include Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Uninstall Plus, StartUp Manager, Folder Guard, Tracks Washer, Driver Backup, Auto Shutdown, Windows Manager and Process Manager. With a cool and user friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use Super Utilities.

Full service for your windows PC
* Super Utilities offers 28 tools for cleaning,fixing, speeding up, maintaining, and protecting your PC.
* System Cleaner: Make your PC faster, more stable, and more efficient by cleaning and optimizing your hard drive, memory, software, and Windows Registry.
* Security Doctor: Protect your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers and tracking threats.
* Privacy Protector: Keep your sensitive information safe from prying eyes.
* System Maintenance: Easily perform complicated system maintenance tasks, and keep your computer running quickly and smoothly.
* Special Tools: More easy to use tools that make your computing safer and more efficient.
* More windows utilities will be added.

Disk Cleaner. Get rid of junk files on your PC
Registry Cleaner. Clean and optimize your system registry
Uninstall Plus. Completely uninstall any software
Memory Turbo. Recover, defragment, & optimize system memory
Shortcuts Repairer. Find and fix broken shortcuts
Spyware Removal. Remove spyware, adware, trojans, and keyloggers
StartUp Organizer. Start up Windows faster
Super Task Manager. Take control of all running processes
Service Manager. Take control of all windows services
BHO Cleaner. Remove unwanted browser helper objects
IE Password Manager. Manage passwords and AutoComplete strings of IE
Hide Folder. Hide your files and folders
Tracks Washer. Cover the tracks you leave behind
IE Privacy Manager. Manage typed URLS and history items of IE
Super ExeLock. Password protect your programs
Super Shredder. Securely delete sensitive information
SuperMenu Guard. Protect favorite sites and start menu
Windows Manager. Tailor windows to meet your individual needs
IE Protector. Protect the settings of Internet Explorer
Driver Backup. Grab all of your drivers, and store them for you in a safe place
File Type Manager. A sophisticated file type management tool
Windows Tools. Several essential utilities of windows
System Information. Gather information about your hardware and software
Auto Shutdown. A complete shutdown, restart, and logoff manager
Folder Analyzer. Find out where all your hard drive space went
Super Undelete. Recover deleted files
Super Shell. A unique handy collection of tools
Super Mounter. Mount ISO file as virtual CD ROM



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