Spotmau TuneUp Kit 2010 v5.1.3
Spotmau TuneUp Kit 2010 - a set of utilities for configuring and optimizing pashego PC. The program will help you clean your computer from the system "garbage", fix registry errors, customize Windows and Internet connections of otimizirovat.

• Cleaning discs
Disk Cleaner will clear your computer from system debris, duplicate files and unnecessary programs, freeing up space on the disk.
• Cleaning the registry
Utility Registry Cleaner scans the registry for invalid or obsolete data and corrects errors found.
• Manage the startup
Startup Manager shows all programs that start automatically when you start Windows. This tool allows you to easily manage startup list, adding or removing programs.
• Management Services
With utility Service Manager you can easily find and disable all unused services Your Windows.
• Web Optimization
Internet Optimizer - With this program you can increase the speed of downloading files and uploading websites.
• Clean up traces of
Track Eraser takes care of the security of your personal data.
• Remove Programs
Smart Uninstall can easily remove any of the installed programs on your computer.
• Favorite items
Adding and deleting important items in the popup menu.
• Export Favorites from the browser
The ability to export bookmarks from your browser into separate files.

Key Benefits
- Optimize, Clean & Speed up your system
- Add / Delete programs which run at Windows Startup
- Prevent some unwanted system services from running on your computer
- Optimize your Internet speed
- Protect your privacy by cleaning up all activity records on your computer
- Smartly and completely uninstall any program
- Repair IE problems
- Restore IE default options
- Add your favorite items to IE context menu
- Delete the items you don't need from IE context menu
- Add your favorite items to system right-click menu
- Delete the items you don't need from system right-click menu
- Memo display window
- Digital clock and Calendar
- Help you manage daily duties and business schedule

Program Information
Title: Spotmau TuneUp Kit 2010
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows 7/2008/Vista/2003/XP
Language: English
Medicine: crack



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