Sonne DVD Burner v4.3.0
Sonne DVD Burner is a powerful program for DVD recorders and are designed to meet all your needs for video recording, image file to ISO and VIDEO_TS to a DVD and write all files on a disk with data to create a DVD from other video files. The program can capture video recording on DVD. Added a new function for the capture of user satisfaction. Users can easily capture video or image from other devices, DV and TV tuner. Can burn Audio CD from the files of MP3, making the disc menu.

Basic functions

* Create a DVD with menu DVD.
* Capture video or image from other devices, such as web-camera USB, TV tuner and DV in real time.
* Snapshot pictures with hotkeys.
Set properties for each capture device.
* Record data to disk.
* Burn DVD (VIDEO_TS) folder on the DVD.
Burn video files to DVD disc without menus.
* Show information about a record.

How to create DVD

Sonne DVD Burner can allow you to directly make a DVD from other video files.
Step 1: Define the desired DVD: menus with numbered pages or sections of the menu.
Step 2: Define a template for a DVD from the list of templates.
Step 3: Enter the desired video files.
Step 4: Click the Create dialog box appears. You can choose the quality of DVD. Begin the process to start.
Step 5: Click the Burn for that would burn the newly created DVD-folders.
Step 6: Click Start button, for that would start burning.

UnaTTended (Silent Installation) - this program is installed automatically. That is, you do not need to enter the keys and use other means of recording software (patches, cracks, etc.). When Unattended installation is not necessary to reap ever continue , the program will do everything for you. After the installation was fully ready to work.

Imagine a situation, for example: You are an administrator and you need to install on multiple computers operating system Windows (of course it will be unattended Windows build) and install the same set of programs. If you use unattended soft, you can greatly save time.

Software will also be useful for those people who do not like to dig to install the program, or do not want to bother. And especially make an impression on those people who face difficulties in the installation (installation) of the application. For example: Beginners, old man. Build UnaTTended (Silent install) all by herself and do not need your intervention. Just run and after the installation program is ready for use with all built-in applications and supplements.

Released: 2010
Language: English
Platform: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7



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