Roof Designer 1.4.5 for 3ds Max 2010
Roof Designer is a plug-in for 3D Studio Max for creating 3D roofs. Whether you are creating a fast rendering textured roof or a top quality roof covered with mesh tiles, The Roof Designer plug-in can save you precious time. Roof Designer keeps your mesh faces flat while you manipulate their slopes. This way the roof can be easily modeled using the top view of your sketches. Roofs imported from other CAD software can also be used. Roof Designer automatically texture your roof and can also cover it with mesh tiles.
Roof Designer Features
* Quick modeling of the roof's shape using constraints.
* Roofs can also be imported from other CAD software.
* Automatic unwrapping and material ID.
* Mesh tiles can be arranged on the created roof.
* Mesh ridge caps can be put.
* Several built in shingles and tiles.
* Custom tiles can be created and used.
* An easy to use user interface with real-time display enhancements.
* Edges can be exported as splines for various proposes such as gutters.
* Material IDs can be randomized.
* Supports all unit types.
* A MaxScript interface.



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