RegRun Warrior Suite Windows OS
RegRun Warrior is a new revolutionary feature for RegRun Security Suite and UnHackMe. RegRun Warrior offers you a way to quickly detect and remove hidden rootkits/viruses/malware from your computer using the special boot CD.Put the Warrior CD into your CD drive and restart your computer! Warrior automatically scans your computer and gets back to the normal Windows mode.

Benefits of using Warrior
1. Virus removal is a simple when the virus is not active. The Warrior allows you to scan your computer from the clean Windows PE system.
2. Auto scanning. One time you need to open and configure the Warrior. After that set your BIOS settings for boot from the CD. You need to press any key when you will see the prompt for boot from CD, otherwise the computer will start from hard drive.
3. Full power. You can easily remove malware from your computer, delete or restore files. The hidden rootkits are now fully visible!
4. No need to update Warrior CD. You purchase CD only one time. Warrior is quite unlike the Bart PE or UnHackMe Live. It uses the software installed on your hard drive. It uses the antiviral databases stored on your hard drive and made exclusions. This will avoid a lot of false positive alerts. Simply update your RegRun/UnHackMe software and Warrior will use the latest version.
5. Warrior may be used if your computer does not boot. You can check the hard drive for errors or launch another software from your hard drive or from USB stick.


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