Readiris Pro MacOSX
Readiris Pro 12 - is a powerful optical character recognition, designed for both home and professional users. Thanks to the OCR-system you can quickly and accurately convert paper documents, PDF-files and pictures in digital text with formatting. OCR-core Read?r?s Rro 12 is optimized for high speed and accuracy, software recognizes more than 120 languages, including Russian and Ukrainian. Recognized document can be saved as a file format Word, Excel, RTF, TXT, PDF.
1. Set Readiris Pro 12.0.f3
2. Onovlyaem to Readiris Pro
If you have Leopard, then install and set readiris_1201_upgrade.dmgReadiris 12.0.1 patch.mpkg
3. Copy the file Readiris
Copy the replacement Readiris file from the folder corresponding to your installed system in the folder the original file is located (/ Applications / Readiris Pro 12/ To get to the file to open the program go to the folder containing the Readiris 12, right-click on the application (yellow dice) and choose from the menu: Show the contents of the package. Next Folder Contents. Folder MacOS.
If you have MacOS 10.4, it is not in a hurry to delete the original file Readiris. Open it with a text editor and replace the contents of the file on the file content Readiris Readiris folder with the image.
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