RadioClicker Lite Portable
RadioClicker Lite is a Internet Radio product from, get 4 Stars SoftSea Rating, Internet radio RadioClicker can listen to radio on your computer through the Internet. Using RadioClicker can watch Russian online TV. In RadioClicker collected nearly all radio and television stations broadcast in Russian free of charge via the Internet. From the list of programs you can see the station, such as: Russian Radio , Radio Shanson , Radio Europe + , Nashe Radio, Radio Hit FM, Radio City FM, Radio Echo of Moscow , Radio 7 on the seven hills , Radio Maximum , Radio Record , Radio D FM , Radio Retro FM , Radio NRJ , Silver rain , Radio Villa , First Channel , RTR Planeta , TV Mir TV, TV News , RBC TV, TV News New Event and others.

RadioClicker Lite Features:

* simple administration
* handy functionality
* contemporary design



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