Quiz Press 2.5.8 MacOSX

Quiz Press makes it painless to create tests and quizzes, and distribute them in print, over the web, for the iPod, or to other testing systems. Quizzes can include six different question types (Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, Short Answer, True or False, Essay, and Cloze*), and also allows for fully customizable titles. Web quizzes are delivered in Flash, so they are fun to use and cross-platform. They can be easily published as stand-alone pages or embedded within other web content, and on any website, including .Mac. The quizzes can also be printed for conventional testing.
Quiz Press was designed to be easy to use from the ground up. For example, to add a fill in the blank question simply type a sentence or paragraph, click the word(s) you want to make blank and press a button. Don't want to use the mouse? No problem, we've designed Quiz Press so that you can do all of the steps needed to create a test with your hands firmly planted on the keyboard. Experiment to your heart's content; you can't make a mistake, with our unlimited Undo and Redo system, we've got you covered....
Version 2.5.8:
- No longer causes spurious grading of tests when such tests are created on systems where the decimal separator is a comma.
- Mac OS X 10.1 or later.
- Online quizzes requires a website with FTP access (or equivalent) and 200k of free space per quiz. Quiz Takers need Flash 8 or higher installed.
- exporting for iPod requires that the iPod have iQuiz installed, iQuiz is not available for all iPod models.



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