Portable System Information Viewer 4.12

A program that displays info about your hardware components. SIV (System Information Viewer) displays many OS, network and hardware related information, including CPU, USB, PCI, sensors and others.

What s New in This Release:

· Added the [Sectors] page to display Disk Drive Physical and Logical sector information. Updated [Geometry] and [Partitions] to include drive serial numbers.
· Added support for ATI SB8x0 SMBus controllers and the ITE IT8721F LPC controller.
· Updated the [H/W Status] page to include environmental information from the motherboard LPC and SMBus sensors. Added support for most temperature scales.
· Added the [Direct X] page to display the Direct X versions that are installed.
· Updated the [Cache Latency] page to show a progress bar. The latency is now measured using a worker thread, so the CPU Utilisation plots, CPU Speeds and Environmental information will continue to be updated. I have also changed the [Sensors], [SMART] and [Volumes] pages to use worker threads for updates.
· Added the [SMBus Locks] page which shows the locking Mutex names and which namespace they exist in.
· Added support for the Compaq W8000 SMBus multiplexor to facilitate the reporting of RIMM SPD information.



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