PDF Password Unlocker v4.0.2.5

PDF Password Unlocker - is an effective program to recover passwords encrypted Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. This is the easiest-to-use program to recover passwords and return program that allows you to not only open the encrypted PDF files and edit them and perform actions such as selecting text and graphics, add or edit comments, copied to the clipboard, change the contents of the document raspechatyvat.Prosto and show the path to Adobe Acrobat PDF, which you want to decrypt and click "Start" button and the program itself will do its job. The program is very easy to use and does not require any special skills, so that even a child can safely handle it.

With three modes of cracking the password, the program works fast and effectively. This program will automatically perform a complete scan of the document and will look for the password until it finds the result. The main characteristic of the program is that the program is developing a special scheme for each password cracking. For example, you can choose to brute-force, if anything at all do not remember or do not know about the password. Also, you can choose to brute-force with a hidden attack, if you remember at least a piece of the password, for example length. If you are sure that you know most of the password, you can try to attack mode reference.

• Support for creating PDF documents in Adobe and other applications.
• Recovers the password for opening documents.
• The speed above nearly doubled compared with similar programs.
• The rate of selection of the 4,000,000 options in the second for single-prosessorov and to 8,000,000 in the second for multi-core.

Additional Features:
• Three modes of cracking:
- Brute-force - if anything at all do not remember or do not know the password
- Brute-force with a hidden attack - if you remember at least a piece of the password, for example the length of
- Background mode of attack - if you think you know most of the password
• Support for Adobe PDF versions from 3.x to 9.X.
• Support for PDF files created by other applications.
• Gives the opportunity to remove restrictions on copying, printing, etc. ..
• Supports 40-bit RC4 ,128-bit RC4 ,128-bit AES and 256-bit encryption AES.
• The ability to minimize recovery time by adjusting, if known to any part of the password.
• Ability to create your own vocabulary.
• Automatic saving of the recovery process and resume if accidentally stopped.
• Convenient and easy to use interface.



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