Paragon Alignment Tool v2.0
Paragon Alignment Tool (tool alignment sections) - tool that allows you to use advanced technologies more effectively!

Modern hard drives and other types of drives, which use block read / write size of 4 Kbytes, are gaining in popularity. Nevertheless, these devices are sometimes distinguishes low speed because of the unstructured arrangement of logical partitions on the physical structure of information storage.

Paragon Alignment Tool provides automatic analysis of the disk subsystem and rebuilds submitted on disk logical partitioning. Thus, increasing the overall hard disk performance and efficiency. For the SSD-drives optimized arrangement of logical partitions is the key to life extension. In the case of RAID-arrays and virtual infrastructure, as well as their combinations Paragon Alignment Tool allows you to increase several times the speed read-write.

The technology behind the Paragon Alignment Tool, has already proved its effectiveness, being armed with the world s largest manufacturer of hard drives Western Digital.

Why Paragon Alignment Tool?
The only tool to align the sections with just one click
Ensure system security and data contained on the disk
Improved disk performance (based on testing - by 30-70% for the case without the use of virtualization)
A significant increase in the lifetime of SSD-drives
Alignment of sections of virtual machines and physical servers
Alignment of sections at high capacity disk with the size of the physical sector 4 KB

OS: Windows All
Interface: Russian / English
Size: 63.23 MB / 63.23 MB



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