OverSite v4.0.1

Easily the most advanced wireframe software, OverSite™, lets you quickly define the hierarchy of your website or application. Create sections and subsections, then fill them with pages and screens. Rearrange your structure with OverSite's easy drag-and-drop interface.

Once you've done all that, OverSite will automatically generate a graphical map of your site or application. Any changes you make to your structure will instantly be reflected in the graphical map. Of course, you can control the look—fonts, colors, sizes, spacing, etc—of the map. OverSite then allows you to print the map, or export it to any number of graphic formats.

But that's really just the beginning. OverSite allows you to create wireframes of your website or application. Drag components such as buttons, paragraphs, images, and shapes onto your page canvas to mock up just how you'd like the page to look. Use OverSite's composite tool to create your own complex, reusable components. Construct templates that apply to all pages/screens within a section. Even create multiple versions of the same page or screen. And use OverSite's easy drag & drop tools to attach hyperlinks from components to other pages.

But unlike with other tools, your wireframes need not be merely static images. Instead, OverSite offers easy drag & drop tools to attach hyperlinks from components to other pages. Then, simply switch to the Clickthru browser—a mini web browser built right into OverSite—and test your wireframes' interactivity. You can also export your entire structure as either pure HTML, or as clickable image maps, for sharing your interactive wireframes with other.

Need more? Good, because OverSite offers it! In addition to outlining your site structure and mocking up wireframes, you can attach notes to components. Notes allow you to describe the components in more details, providing more in-depth explanations or instructions for when it comes time to build out the website or application. And of course, you can export or print the notes.

What does OverSite give you?

* An easy-to-use structure editor with drag-and-drop functionality and the new Rapid Structure Creator.
* A wireframe editor, allowing you to mock up pages and screens of your site/application.
* Detailed notes attached to widgets within your wireframes.
* Reusable wireframe components with OverSite's composites and templates functionality.
* Automatic sitemap generation with advanced customization features.
* Ability to test site interaction with OverSite's Clickthru browser.
* Ability to import pre-existing Web sites, and modify their site structures.
* Ability to export site structures as HTML, images, .csv or .tab inventory lists, etc.

Homepage: http://taubler.com/oversite/



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