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Opti Drive Control - a program to test the performance of optical drives. The program supports all currently known types of discs, including CD, DVD and Blu-Ray. With this tool you can test, speed reading and writing CDs, create test drives and check the recording quality, as well as get detailed information about disks and drives. In addition, the program allows you to format and erase a rewritable disc. This program is a continuation of previously known tools NERO CD-DVD Speed. Test results can be saved in HTML format as a report in CSV format for saving graphics testing.
• Support for CD, DVD and BD drives and media
• Testing the speed of reading and writing
• Creating a test drive / check function
• Displays detailed information about the disk and drive
• Test the quality of the disc: BLER, PI / PO, C1/C2, Jitter
• Clean up and reformat the hard disk
• Enhanced conservation
• Save test result to HTML and CSV
Opti Drive Control is a test and benchmark utility for optical drives. It can be used to verify the performance, quality and reliability of the burn and read functions of optical drives and discs. Test results can be saved as a HTML report and the graphs can be exported to CSV which allows for detailed analysis with spreadsheets. With the multi-test feature all functions can be run and saved without user intervention.
Key features:
• Support for CD, DVD and BD drives / media
• Read / write transfer rate
• Create test disc / verify function
• Detailed drive information
• Detailed disc information
• Disc quality tests: BLER, PI / PO, C1/C2, Jitter
• Erase / format
• Overburning
• Multi-test
• Enhanced save functions
• CSV export of graphs
Change Log:
- Application is resizable
- Disc quality test: POFs are shown with supported BenQ and Plextor drives
- Disc quality test: Added support for Plextor PX-8xx series
- Disc quality test: test continues when a read error occurs with Plextor drives
- FE / TE: Added support for Plextor PX-8xx series
- FE / TE: Test can now be run with CDs with Plextor drives
- FE / TE: Added support for double layer DVDs
- Transfer rate test: layer change position is shown
- Transfer rate test: fixed rotation speed display for PTP DVDs
- Transfer rate test: improved access times measurement
- Create test disc: improved support for BD and DVD-RAM
- Disc info: track path is shown
- Increased command time out value
Homepage - http://www.optidrivecontrol.com/

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