Notify Pro 2.1.6
Notify is a new Gmail notifier for OS X which supports multiple accounts. Each account has individual notification options, and you can easily check what's in each account via the tabbed interface.
- More than just Gmail: The biggest feature request we got for Notify 1.0 was Google Apps support, so here it is. Not only does Notify 2 support Gmail & Google Apps, it also has built in support for Rackspace Email, and MobileMe. Notify Pro even supports generic IMAP accounts.
- Compose & Reply: Ever wanted to send a quick message or reply to something without opening your browser? No problem. In Notify Pro, you can send a message from any of your accounts without ever leaving Notify.
- Full message preview, mark as read, and delete: No longer are you limited to viewing the first few lines of unread messages. Notify Pro now lets you read entire emails, as well as mark them read and delete them right there on your desktop.
Version 2.1.6:
- Fix bug where messages may not be displayed in list.
- Fixed bug where reply button may sometimes not work.
- Misc. bug and crash fixes.
- Change how Notify searches for Trash back to previous method.
- Change how Notify searches for inbox by full folder path.
- Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later.
Patching instructions
1. Install the App, don't run it (if you run it, just quit )
2. Run the patch, Click patch, and choose the application.
3. Enjoy the full app.



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