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NetLimiter Pro - tool for monitoring and collecting statistics regarding use of Internet connections. It knows how to set speed limits for applications or individual connections, graphically demonstrate the use of the channel to display detailed statistics about traffic (including for each application), has a built-in scheduler that can restrict bandwidth applications on schedule.
Do you have a wide Internet channel, but sometimes any application takes it all by yourself? NetLimiter 3 allows you to control the use of the width of the web-channel applications, so you can easily limit the bandwidth. In addition, NetLimiter allows you to allocate a guaranteed bandwidth application. It has a built-in firewall (you can disable). There is a function of remote control other machines with installed NetLimiter.
NetLimiter is the most thorough account of the volume of transmitted data – both common and each program separately.
The main working window contains a list of applications that have access to the network, each presented separately to the current speed of incoming and outgoing flows. In the corresponding branch displays the connection with his statistics.
The main functions NetLimiter 3:
· Lock / limit / control of Internet traffic. Any of these rules may be established through the scheduler.
· Expanded statistics internet traffic.
· Advanced System filter. The filter is determined by any combination of applications, IP and port range, protocols, users and zones.
· Program is compatible with all Windows systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7, including a 64-bit versions.
· User privileges based on user rights Windows.
· Remote administration.
• Identifying areas for Internet traffic user.
· Prioritization Internet traffic.
· Settings and statistics of import / export.
• And much more.
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