NANO AntiVirus
We present a new high technology product for protection of your computer from any kinds of malware such as viruses, trojans, worms and other dangerous programs. NANO AntiVirus is developed to provide the security level that conforms to actual threats. In addition we took into account the important requirements for an antiviral program from end users.

Nano Antivirus, also known as NanoAntivirus, is a rogue anti spyware program and clone of AntiSpyware Pro XP. Nano Antivirus may be installed onto your computer by Trojans found bundled on corrupt shareware programs or you may have manually downloaded the program from a malware website. Once installed, you ll receive numerous fake system alerts or security alerts notifying you about supposed spyware infections. In order to remove these imaginary threats, you ll be urged to purchase Nano Antivirus s licensed program.

Features of NANO AntiVirus:
· Protection of your computer from any type of viruses, trojans and worms including theirs encrypted and polymorphous variations
· Real time protection of your system, that guarantees security of your information during your working time.
· Extended support of unpack facilities that permits to find malware in various types of archives.
· NANO AntiVirus provides high speed of scan that is attainable by using of advance scanning technology.
· The system that permits to find new malware samples which haven t yet been put in the virus database by behavioral analysis.
· Timely update of the virus database which protects your computer from new malware.

Title: NANO AntiVirus
Version: upd.20100907
Developer: NANO Security
Updated: 2010.09
License / Price: Free
Language: Multilanguage
Platform: Windows 2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7
Size: 36.21 mb



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