Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Industrial v3.15.4171.0 Portable
Morpheus Photo Animation Suite a software package for working with digital images, consisting of three applications, transforming processing images in entertainment: ? Photo Morpher a smooth conversion of one image to another; ? Photo Warper the distortion of individual elements of the image, such as parts of the body; ? Photo Mixer a combination of the two images into one. All in one, set for animation and morphing, which includes examples. If you like animation, you ll love a set of Morpheus Photo Animation Suite! Also included is a set of samples, demonstrating its capabilities. Finished projects can be stored in the animation QuickTime, Flash SWF, GIF, or static images JPEG, PNG, TIFF. To bind the two images to each other, the user only has to note key points, according to which will pick out animation.

Morpheus Photo Morpher a program designed for morphing, transformation of one image to another. With it you can on your home computer to create your own effects in the style of Hollywood. The least that you need a pair of digital images, a little imagination and Morpheus Photo Morpher integrate all this into an impressive live pictures photos of your friends and loved ones!

Morpheus Photo Mixer a program that allows you to combine elements of multiple images. With this application you can pristavit face of your friend to the body of a famous musical artist, or give you nasty man beak and donkey ears.

Morpheus Photo Warper a program that will allow fans draws distort photographic image through distortion or increase its individual fragments. It should work with the original photo, you can write a funny video that demonstrates how the head is shown in the photo man grows to enormous size, and his nose, his ears become quite unimaginable shape. The results of your labors can be saved as a Flash video, and GIF animation.

Features of Morpheus Photo Animation Suiter Pro:
Ease of use provides a built in program Master
Morph an infinite number of photos
Upload Wizard will help to send your finished files to Morpheus Galleries, YouTube, or Photobucket
Share an e mail with friends using the built in functions
A new interface for working with multiple photos
Visualization of transformations in a wide range of popular formats including Flash SWF and animated GIF.
Morphing with the ability to export JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.
Scaling at any stage, the precision placement of points, as well as morphing of large images
Timeline window for quick viewing of each frame in your morphing
Support to morph AVI, MPEG, WMV ....



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