ModelMaker Code Explorer v8.0.0.1877
ModelMaker Code Explorer: Delphi Refactoring made easy! As a Class Browser it shows classes (inheritance) and members (fields, methods, properties) in two filtered views, similar to the windows explorer. On the left the Explorer docked in the IDE editor. The Classes view (top) displays classes and inheritance relations for the current module. The Members view (bottom) show the filtered members for the selected class.Integrated with CodeGear Delphi 5 6 7 and Delphi 2005 2006 2007 2009 and 2010.

Navigation features like Member search bar Member Favorites Navigation history help finding your way around in code.

Code Explorer is fully Form Designer aware and, for example, has a special filter to suppress component fields and event handler methods.

As a Refactoring Editor, it makes changing code easy and fast: Classes and members can be created and modified through drag and drop or by selecting options in dedicated dialogs. You to Refactor, edit, correct and delete existing classes and members just as easy as you created them.

Cut,Copy and Paste let you pick up a class, properties and methods and duplicate them or move them to another class or module. Where necessary names and modifiers are automatically adjusted.

Drag and Drop Members on a class to copy / move / convert them. For example: Drag interface members on a class to implement the interface (C#, pascal), Drag a module or local procedure on a class to convert it to a method (pascal)

Use Editor Refactoring's to refactor an entity at cursor position or operate on selected code. For example press Ctrl+Shift+X to invoke Extract Method for the selected code. Configurable keyboard shortcuts make these refactoring-s available with just one keystroke. Common tasks like Add a Field, Modify a Property and Rename Local are all invoked with just one keystroke. Check a demo movie Beyond Templates demo movie with some editor enhancements.

Advanced Code Sort and Rearrange features include:

* Rearrange members in Members view using Drag and Drop in Interface and Implementation (pascal) rearrange modes.
* Rearrange class members using predefined sorting schemes.
* Sort class members according the customizable default scheme.
* Sorting maintains Source Regions and optionally sorts inside regions
* Sorting hints are emitted for classes not matching the default sorting scheme.

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