Miranda Freize Pack 6.1 (075)

Miranda IM Freize Pack 6.1 an assembly common IM client with outstanding design, aimed at the average user. The package is already installed and configured the most popular modules. Easy to install and sewn template settings, make it the best option to use both for those people who install Miranda IM for the first time, and for advanced users.

Miranda IM Freize Pack 6.1 is an assembly well known IM the client with the outstanding design, oriented on the average user. In a packet the best units are already installed and adjusted. Simple setting and the built in template of adjustments, do by its best variant for usage as for those people which install Miranda IM for the first time, and for the advanced users.


¦ Support for networks: ICQ, JABBER, MRA (mail.ru), IRC, MSN; (VKontakte through JABBER);
¦ Module WATRack, showing the status of your playback track;
¦ Answering machine with support for multiple variables;
¦ Adding users to the contact list bypassing authorization;
¦ Protection against spam;
¦ Animated smilies Kolobok;
¦ Support of history (for convenience far left all other clients);
¦ Change of layout for the erroneous entry (Ctrl + F8);
¦ Database encryption and redundancy;
¦ Traffic control;
¦ Multiple contacts in one (like ICQ + mail.ru + JABBER);
¦ Ability to undo the authorization;
¦ Spelling (RUS & ENG);
¦ Auto image capture, editing, and sending;
¦ Ability to transfer files;
¦ Check the mailbox of all kinds, and letters of hits.
¦ Determining customers of different networks.
¦ Support chat rooms.
¦ Ability to check the weather.
¦ You can watch videos from youtube directly in the dialog. As well as various videos and Flash applications.
¦ Easily view information about a user with the ability to edit.
¦ Changing the styles and menus to your taste.
¦ Ability to create subgroups.
¦ Automatic check for updates on module.
¦ Generating logs in html and txt files.
¦ And much more!

New in version 6.1:

¦ Bezprofilnost (profile is created with the given name of your sewn into the assembly template);
¦ A new stable kernel 0.9, is ideal for work in windows 7, and has a number of innovations;
¦ No additional libraries making assembly more simple and stable;
¦ Update on the module will allow you to independently update any plug in one click;
¦ Standard Profile Manager has become not only functional (can create and delete profiles, as well as run them in parallel), but also underwent visual changes in the direction of compactness;
¦ The core program also undergone changes in the direction of convenience;
¦ The jabber added full support freize.org server, now you can quickly tune in to the server by selecting the appropriate template;
¦ Completely rewritten installer makes installation easier assembly, and the weight of the archive is smaller;
¦ Added a slight updating of the assembly by installing the above (6.1 and later versions do not need to uninstall before installing the new assembly, all your data will be saved, but the old and useless units cleared).

Updates (057)
¦ Ability to podgruzki Loudmouth (Rostherne bot).
¦ Checking the registry entries.

Updates (063)
¦ Fixed all the previously filed bugs.
¦ Ability to turn off animation in the dialog box during installation.
¦ Few rewritten module tabsrmm.
¦ Updated translation.


Version: 6.1 (075) Release
Developerr: Freize
Platform : Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Language : rus, eng



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